1. Because ENAE Business School is a leading educational private institution which promotes business development internationally.
  2. International Scope, our faculty and students comes from all over the world especially from USA, Europe and Latin America.
  3. 250  Professors teaches at ENAE annually, more than 45 of them Phds, 15 international visiting professors as well a Prestigious Executives
  4. Our student profile is conformed of 80% executives and professionals
  5. 350 Affiliated Companies 500 Corporate recruiters rely on us.
  6. We prepare Recruitment in in Campus Fairs with over 1.200 Students attending to these events.
  7. 2200 m2 Facilities and services (classrooms, library, ball room offices and computer labs)
  8. Because we guarantee our students quality, dynamic, innovative post-graduate education based on the case-study method and business simulator, our innovative enterprise simulator which encourages teamwork and familiarizes participants with the difficult challenges they will face in the business world.
  9. Because we help our students achieve excellence in the creation, administration and management of companies, with the help of academic and professional experts with a proven national and international track record.
  10. Because we maintain direct links with an important network of Universities and Business Schools that contribute to the standards of excellence we set ourselves for our postgraduate education.
  11. Because we work alongside more than 300 companies and other relevant institutions (both national and international), whose experience helps us to develop the innovative spirit which characterises us and which we apply to the projects and educational activities we offer.
  12. Because we have our Career Development office to  follow up with and encourage each of our students, not only during their time at the school but also for the rest of their career.
  13. Because at ENAE we guarantee internships and work experience for our students.
  14. Because our students go on to enjoy a well-earned prestige and recognition in the business world.
  15. Because ENAE’s programs have one of the best price–quality relationship in Spain.
  16. Because of the high rate of employment we can offer: 98% of our students have found work 12 months after graduating.