ENAE Business School 

A leading Business School

ENAE Business School is an International Institution focused in postgraduate and executive education. Interaction with companies is considered central in inspiring and delivering ENAE Business School performance We believe that managerial and business education must rely on a selective admission process, experienced and qualified faculty together with interaction between students and businessmen, all this make possible the direct communication among business participants, students and professors in order to create the learning environment required for updating and improving managerial capacities.

ENAE has been the leading business school in the southeast of Spain since it was founded in 1988 and our leadership has make us growing internationally and counting with an international faculty and student community. ENAE is in a continuous improvement process leading to become an international reference in some of our areas of expertise.

We have been educating and training leaders to be capable of reaching the height of excellence in the management and administration of companies and of facing their professional future with confidence and security; using our knowledge to provide the best post-graduate training we can.

ENAE belongs to the Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región de Murcia (FUERM), an organisation which was founded in 1988 as a way of bridging the gap between the university and business world. Thanks to our foundation, at ENAE we can count on the support of more than 300 partner companies and we maintain relations and agreement with more than 50 universities internationally. This network allows us to perform within a very satisfactory framework with the other national and international companies and institutions that work with us.


ENAE Business School prepares professional graduate students primarily from Spain and Latin-America to lead in the global economic and business environment. Students learn proven applied knowledge and managerial skills grounded in humanistic and entrepreneurial values from professors, and business people. Interaction with companies is considered central in inspiring and delivering ENAE Business School performance.

Continuous improvement of student learning is central and ENAE has embedded learning assurance methodology into the curriculum.  ENAE students form close relationships with executives, professors, consultants and corporate recruiters. These relationships instill a critical analytical capacity and forecasting ability in the face of a globalized and changing market. Likewise, the direct communication among business participants, students and professors extends to the creation of knowledge focused on applied research on entrepreneurship and business planning aligned with the economic environment, cultural and social context in which our companies operate.

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The ENAE mission statement is supported by a vision, values, strategic guidelines, and strategic goals.



There are six components of the ENAE vision. Each has corresponding strategies outlined in the ENAE Strategic Plan found in Appendix ST1A. (Strategic Plan)

1. ENAE will be a Business School with national and international accreditation;

2. ENAE will be an International Business School;

3. ENAE will be closely linked with the business environment and a strategic partner of companies and organizations;

4. ENAE will have a national and international faculty teaching in Spain Europe and Latin American countries;

5. ENAE will continuously enhance programs;



1. Responsibility. ENAE believes in the importance of fulfill our duties right but as well as doing the right according to our social and market responsibility. ENAE considers responsibility as a virtue to be instill in executives and professionals in order to achieve personal and social sustainable development. The social and individual responsibility leads to personal integrity for those who fulfill diligently their duties.

2. Openness and Respect for Diversity. The acceptance and understanding of cultural and personal diversity is a very positive feature and strength, furthermore in this growing integrated world with its increasing interconnectivity among people, countries and cultures.

3. Excellence. Requirement and rigor in our education is not opposed to openness and flexibility to new methodological approach. Those interacting at ENAE Business School also connect the excellence in education delivery to the respect for the intellectual property and the responsible use of information.

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit. ENAE strongly supports and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit is at the core of innovation, alternative thinking and decision-making looking for value creation. This search for value creation and risk acceptance is in the fabric of our business school.

Exemplariness. Leading through exemplarity. ENAE believes in coherence and we do not teach what do not work on what we do not believe in. The personal integrity and exemplarity is the best way to teaching and leading. The exemplarity implies honesty and commitment with the duty.

International Presence

At ENAE, we are proud of the international opportunities we offer our students. We currently have a broad and participating faculty who teach Master’s programmes, executive education, courses and seminars in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada and the US.

We have been certified by CLADEA (the Latin American administration school) and for ISO-EN-UNE 9001:2000, and we are members of the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

Our campus

The modern facilities at ENAE Business School are located within the confines of Murcia University’s campus, in a four-storey building that contains 2,200 square metres of learning space, 10 classrooms with a capacity for between 18 and 45 students, 3 work rooms, 1 IT room with 31 advanced computer workstations, wi-fi connection and 1 library and documentation room.