Active talent

In 2005, the first edition of Active Talent—Murcia region’s human resources forum—was organised by the Fundación Universidad Empresa and ENAE Business School. Today, five editions later, more than 200 senior human resources managers and directors take part.

For half a day, the most senior human resources managers and directors from the national and international companies present in our region have the opportunity to attend a presentation given by a prestigious human resources guru and to participate in round tables to discuss and analyse current industry hot topics.

In previous editions, these topics were:

  • Staying power in the 21st Century company

Presenter: Mr. Juan Francisco Arza, Human Resources Consulting Director of Mercer Consulting in Spain (Barcelona).

  • Key aspects in the design of welfare systems

Presenter: Mrs. Carmen Burgos, Compensation and Benefits Director of CEMEX.

  • Practical aspects of flexible retribution

Presenter: Mrs. María Luisa Oliva, Flexible Retribution Manager at Mercer (Madrid).

  • Human resources and communication in times of crisis

Presenter: Mrs. Milagros de Torres, tenured lecturer at the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio in Madrid, Organisational Communications and Business Etiquette consultant with C2L (Madrid).

  • Talent development as a system for developing human capital in a company

Presenter: José Valcárcel, International Coach for Organisational and Business Development. Lecturer in Management Skills at the Escuela Europea de Negocios del Club Siglo XXI in Granada.

Why you should participate

  • Because today, more than ever, the management of human resources is a fundamental, priority aspect of encouraging trust amongst a company’s employees;
  • Because it is essential for human resources managers to stay up-to-date and to constantly renew their knowledge in order to continue playing a key strategic role in their company;
  • Because the digital era has also revolutionised the way the industry works, innovating and transforming the management of people, and the most senior human resources managers now have the opportunity to lead these changes.                    


Do you want to take part?

  • If your company wishes to take part in our next forum, please follow this link to register and we will call you to provide you with more information.