Start something new, there’s still lots to be done

ENAE works with the Fundación Universidad Empresa to encourage the professional development of the more entrepreneurial of our current and former students.

The start-up programmes are designed for those people who wish to choose the path to self-realisation and professional prestige, developing their projects and plans, as their own bosses.

If you are an entrepreneur, this advanced self-employment service will allow you to choose between the following options, depending on your experience:

  • Seniors programme: supporting young entrepreneurs

    Start with experience

    The Seniors Programme is an exclusive professional consulting service run by retired professionals with years of business experience, designed to promote and nourish the entrepreneurial spirit of our youngest entrepreneurial students.

    Aims of the Seniors Programme

    • To help young entrepreneurs to study the viability of their business projects.
    • To make the most of the seniors’ experience in problem solving for specific issues related to business operations, in order to help young entrepreneurs in the region of Murcia, an approach which can only be provided thanks to many years of professional experience.
    • To collaborate with the first steps related to creating successful new projects.
  • Tutor Programme for experienced entrepreneurs

    Aims of the Tutor Programme

    o channel the experience, knowledge, professional skills and business contacts of currently active business professionals into the projects of Murcian entrepreneurs.

    To support entrepreneurs in obtaining the best possible results in their businesses by:

    • Identifying new business opportunities.
    • Increasing sales.
    • Improving productivity.
    • Developing better quality products.
    • Improving business profitability.
  • The Columbus Project: ERASUMS for entrepreneurs

    Columbus. ERASMUS for entrepreneurs

    Murcia region’s Columbus project was introduced in 2009 by the University, Business and Research Council, via Murcia’s Instituto de Fomento (INFO), and is one of the projects approved by the European Commission during the first European session of the Erasmus programme for entrepreneurs.

    Murcia’s European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEIM), the Fundación Universidad Empresa (FUERM) and other support organisations in London, Liguria, Finland and Slovenia take part in the project. More than one hundred institutions, bodies and business organisations take part in this project within the framework of the European Union.

    Aims of the Columbus Project

    In 2010, a total of 33 entrepreneurs and companies from the region took part in the Columbus Project in order to encourage the exchange of experience between young entrepreneurs and businessmen within the European Union.

    The Columbus project will allow businesses to connect in two ways. Firstly, Murcian entrepreneurs will do work experience in companies in other European regions and will learn from already functioning SMEs in different industries; secondly, Murcian companies are able to welcome young entrepreneurs from other EU countries in order to improve cooperation and open up business and sales opportunities in both destination countries and the countries of origin.

    Via the Columbus Project that the Fundación Universidad Empresa manages, ENAE offers its students and former students the chance to learn alongside the boss of a SME in another EU country. In this way, a valuable exchange of experience takes place and access to the relevant market is made easier for the participating entrepreneur. Furthermore, experienced businessmen are able to develop new commercial relationships in other countries.

    The Columbus Project is co-financed by the European Erasmus programme for Young Entrepreneurs and its aim is to encourage business initiative, competitiveness, internationalisation and SME growth in the EU via these exchanges between small- and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs, businessmen and experienced SME owners can all take part and work together for periods of up to 6 months on these projects.