ENAE supports you


As the Fundación Universidad Empresa’s business school, ENAE Business School encourages and develops links with companies in order to help them achieve excellence in the management and operation of their businesses, both within Spain and internationally.

How we can help you

  • Jobs board. The ENAE careers department offers our companies the talent and prestige of our students in order to help them fulfil the employment needs, as well as providing students on work experience who are especially noted for their entrepreneurial spirit, their innovation, their teamwork and leadership abilities and their total dedication.
  • Personnel selection. The right candidates for the job are provided to companies, depending on their needs, following a rigorous selection process. The methodology is directed towards evaluating both a candidate’s professional knowledge as well as their personal qualities as regards the position to be filled. Candidates undergo a series of psychological and professional ability tests, interviews and reference checks. Companies are then presented with a selection of the best candidates suitable for the available position.
  • Tailored training. Training plans are drawn up according to the company’s aims, business reality and the needs of its team.
  • R&D project management. Via our R&D department, which we manage via the innovation area of the Fundación Universidad Empresa, we consult and collaborate with entrepreneurs so that they can turn their projects into a successful reality.
  • HR management. We will help you and advise you on all of the different aspects relating to human resources management in your company.
  • Training grants. Sizeable discounts and free management of Fundación Tripartita grants.
  • Networking. We organise working breakfasts, manager meetings, professional lunches, etc, in order to allow regional businessmen to network with each other.


Ask us for more information. We are here to help you.