ENAE Business School, together with the Fundación Universidad Empresa, offers companies this free, customised service which guarantees the necessary speed and efficiency when managing their needs for professionals.



How can we help you?

We offer you support and advice with:

  • Defining the candidate profile: We help companies clearly define the candidate profile most suited to the position to be filled.
  • The pre-selection process: using new technologies, we adequately segment the search process and carry out the selection process in no more than 48 hours.
  • Sending CVs to your company.
  • Follow up: as well as the follow-up process itself, our careers department will collaborate with you in order to send you more candidates if necessary, or to redesign the candidate profile.


Company access to jobs board


Work experience programme

At ENAE, we have agreements with over 200 private and public companies and institutions related to the application of national and international work experience programmes, designed to complete the academic training our students receive at the school and to make their entry into the jobs market that much easier.

For companies, the work experience programme is a great opportunity to broaden their talent base, as well as encouraging the development of new products or giving a boost to existing projects. This is why we offer you work experience students whose value is backed-up by their entrepreneurial spirit, their openness to innovation, the motivation, leadership capacity and teamwork skills, all of which are polished by ENAE during their training programme. 

In order to be able to access the work experience programme, please register for the jobs board by visiting the following page:

Company access to jobs board