ENAE. The entrepreneurial spirit

With this service, ENAE Business School seeks to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in its students via a team of academic and business experts who pool their knowledge in order to promote, recycle and direct students towards entrepreneurial success.

Via the business innovation department of the Fundación Universidad Empresa, we help your company to obtain financing and to manage your national and international R&D projects; we advise you and work with you to develop your innovation strategy and we help you find the latest technologies produced by top-notch research groups the world over.

Additionally, we offer companies and public institutions in the region all of ability and experience to help them improve their competitiveness by participating in international R&D programmes.


  • To improve relations between our students, former students and businessmen in the areas of research, technological development and innovation.
  • To promote innovation management and technology and research transfer in your national and international R&D projects;
  • To help in the internationalisation of your company.
  • To encourage the development of those international projects with regional relevance.
  • To consolidate networks and to create experience exchange communities related to R&D and start-ups.

If you have an idea for a project, we can work together with the foundation to help you turn it into reality. Get in touch with us for more information.

  • National programmes

    Advice on the management of business R&D, dynamic business innovation and business innovation transfer are all part of our service.

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  • International programmes

    Broad advice on international project management, the internationalisation of business R&D and the development of international projects with regional relevance are our strongest points.

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  • Start-up programmes

    Via the seniors programme, the tutor programme and the Columbus programme, we offer a wide range of possibilities for you to choose from. 

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