ENAE helps you

ENAE Business School offers companies, free of charge, the chance to finance the cost of their employee training programmes via the discounts offered by the Fundación Tripartita:

  • Continuous in-company training programmes.
  • Individual training permits, compatible with executive programmes.
  • ENAE post-graduate courses and in-company training.
  • Social Security payment discounts for companies with state work centres.
  • Training for companies which pay for professional training regardless of their size and location.

The amount of the discount will depend on the credit the company has available and the length of the course to be studied. The total amount of credit available will be determined by the social security payments made by the company in the previous year.

All companies, of whatever size, have a minimum of €420 credit. This must be used during the year, as it is lost at year-end and is not transferable to later years.

With this financing, once the course is over, companies may partially or totally recover the amounts paid, discounting the amount to be discounted from their social security payments.

Discounted in-company training courses must have a maximum of 25 students and a minimum of 6 teaching hours.

Ask us for more detailed information. We recommend you ask for your discount as soon as possible given that the right to receive it is lost at the end of each year and is not transferable to later years.

NOTE:  The Fundación Tripartita does not include self-employed workers in its discount programme.