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Master in Business Administration - MBA

Manage and direct the company from a global perspective

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The Master in Business Administration  offers you the knowledge, experiences, skills and techniques to approach an optimal management and administration of the companies at a global level.

The Master MBA consists of a complete set of courses in areas of organizational structure: strategic management, management skills, economic environment, finance, marketing, human resources, logistics, taxation, R & D, etc.
Aimed at recent university graduates and profiles with experience of less than 3 years who want to develop their professional career through the Master of Business Administration MBA.

More interactive, more globalised, more digitalised
Choose whatever mode suits you best.

Master's degree
100% interactive.
Enjoy live online classes as if you were in the classroom or access the recordings whenever you want.
The most versatile option.
It combines classroom training once a month with live virtual classes.
Master's degree
Blended with stay
We merge the best of classroom and online training. Enjoy live online classes and a 3 week stay in the city of Murcia.
The most complete educational experience. It is a double degree combining online and classroom classes in both programmes.
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  • Ability to analyze the economic and financial environment in which the company is located.
  • Efficient and effective administration that responds to the company's mission.
  • Management of the strategic direction: financial, marketing and human resources policy.
  • Planning, control and monitoring of general and specific objectives by department.
  • Organizational leadership: direction and cohesion of teams. Implementation of the ethical behaviour pattern.


We bet on a dynamic work and teaching methodology, alternating the presentation of concepts, techniques, tools and methods of analysis, together with the development of practical cases that reflect real situations in the business field.

Business plan:

The End of Master Project allows the assimilation of the concepts taught throughout the master and put them into practice in the final work. The student has the supervision and advice of professional experts in the field of business management and direction.

Outdoor training:

Through Outdoor training, training outside the classroom, the student will expand their ability to learn and assimilate concepts through activities oriented and focused on the interpretation and application of training, strengthening leadership skills, communication, team building and decision making.

Internship program:

ENAE Business School offers the possibility of carrying out work practices in companies of the European Union. A unique opportunity to enhance your career at the head of a position of optimum qualification acquired for the direction and strategic management of the company.



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