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Master in Logistics and Operations

Optimizing business production processes

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The Master in Global Supply Chain Management taught by ENAE Business School provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimum project management and control of the production, logistics and purchasing departments. External Double Degree: ENAE + Partner University (University of Murcia).

With the contents of this Master the student will have the opportunity to learn the main techniques and tools for proper management of the flow of materials and associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and project management.

Adequate management of the company's operations mainly results in:

Growing pressure on profit margins is forcing companies to search relentlessly (and also with rapid results) for these cost reductions.

The Master in Global Supply Chain Management will train in the knowledge and application of the following tools:

The indispensable condition of an orderly company from the point of view of its operations is the correct planning of its materials, of its manufactured products and, where appropriate, of its projects to be carried out. For this reason, this planning (procurement, production, etc.) has an outstanding presence in the Master in Global Supply Chain Management. Without this planning, the client will perceive continuous service failures, with the consequent loss of image and credibility on irreparable occasions

Companies need production and sourcing planners who are cost-oriented, have training and knowledge of internal organizational operations.

More interactive, more globalised, more digitalised
Choose whatever mode suits you best.

Master's degree
100% interactive.
Enjoy live online classes as if you were in the classroom or access the recordings whenever you want.
The most versatile option.
It combines classroom training once a month with live virtual classes.
Master's degree
Blended with stay
We merge the best of classroom and online training. Enjoy live online classes and a 3 week stay in the city of Murcia.
The most complete educational experience. It is a double degree combining online and classroom classes in both programmes.
Learn more about ENAE 360 learning


  • Capacity of internal analysis of the company for the implementation of the action plan in operations management.
  • Project planning, management and monitoring.
  • Control and coordination of the company's internal logistics.
  • Optimisation of the organisation's response time in production processes.
  • Coordination of objectives between different departments: purchasing, marketing, etc.



The Master is taught using a blended learning methodology which combines online and classroom training:

Online training stage:

Online training is carried out through our virtual campus. Students can take part interactively and dynamically, combining the resolution of practical cases and notes review, with multimedia content, videoconferences and participation in forums.

Face-to-face stage:

During this period, personal meetings are organised with the teaching staff and the rest of members of the group. The teachers in charge of the programme will develop theoretical/practical sessions, having the participants the opportunity to exchange experiences and put into practice the knowledge acquired, as well as expand their network along with the rest of ENAE students. Visits to companies are also carried out.

The residential period will take place between the months of February/March during 3 intensive weeks of classes at ENAE Business School with morning and afternoon schedule.



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