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Master Risk Management

Official Master Degree

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Any economic activity has an inherent risk. The future is ready for those companies and organizations that anticipate, identify needs and threats, foresee, and make strategic and operational decisions based on Comprehensive Risk Management. Knowing, studying, and evaluating the issues that can endanger the company is of utmost importance and a very valuable indicator for good corporate governance.

The objectives set by a company cannot be achieved without proper Risk Management, whether to detect problems or obstacles or to discover opportunities or competitive advantages. Risk Management is the science of predictability of results in favor of value maximization. With the Master’s Degree in Organizational Risk Management from ENAE Business School, we seek to train postgraduates specialized in identifying and treating risk, who are capable of performing well in this area, vital to any company.

Suzanne Labarge, former Vice President of the Royal Bank of Canada, said, “Risk in itself is not bad. What is bad is when the risk is mismanaged, misinterpreted, miscalculated, or even misunderstood.” 


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Master's degree
100% interactive.
Enjoy live online classes as if you were in the classroom or access the recordings whenever you want.
The most versatile option.
It combines classroom training once a month with live virtual classes.
Master's degree
Blended with stay
We merge the best of classroom and online training. Enjoy live online classes and a 3 week stay in the city of Murcia.
The most complete educational experience. It is a double degree combining online and classroom classes in both programmes.
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  • Company comprehensive risk management.
  • Implement a system of risk assessment and management within organisations, as well as a system of metrics.
  • Analyse and discriminate between different standards and methods of Risk Assessment, current models of behaviour at work and IT risks, as well as define and differentiate risks existing in the insurance and banking sector and their regulatory framework.
  • Identify costs and current financing alternatives in view of a growing and diverse risk scenario.
  • Apply ethics to questions related to the system of Value Generation, within the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Acquires new techniques and concepts through the combination of theoretical, practical and didactic training applicable in real cases. You will learn the latest and most innovative techniques to put into practice with teamwork.

Business plan

In the End of Master Project you can rely on teachers and experts from different disciplines in the international field for advice and supervision of the final work.

ENAE Business School offers you new opportunities to put into practice your knowledge and new experiences during the development of the final project.

Internship programme

With our internship programme you will be able to complete your training in companies in the European Union. A decisive step to boost your career by putting you at the head of a job of optimum qualification acquired for the management of international trade of any organization.



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