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The University Master Degree in International Trade management takes advantage of the market opportunity to fill new jobs that professionally address the continuous economic expansion and progressive development of international trade. 

At ENAE Business School we prepare you to face this growing need in the area of global business. You will learn how to manage a company's international strategy and lead it in the face of the most demanding market needs with a perspective without borders. 

External Double Degree: ENAE + Partner University (University of Murcia).

In the Registry of Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT), besides finding ENAE Business School as a business school attached to the University of Murcia, you can consult the basic information of the Official Master Degree in International Trade, such as the number of mandatory credits, total credits, etc.



ENAE's Master's in International Trade is aimed at international trade professionals who wish to broaden and update their knowledge, as well as university graduates who wish to develop their career in this area. The Master is taught in English, so a level test will be carried out on candidates to check their level in the language. 

More interactive, more globalised, more digitalised
Choose whatever mode suits you best.

Master's degree
100% interactive.
Enjoy live online classes as if you were in the classroom or access the recordings whenever you want.
The most versatile option.
It combines classroom training once a month with live virtual classes.
Master's degree
Blended with stay
We merge the best of classroom and online training. Enjoy live online classes and a 3 week stay in the city of Murcia.
The most complete educational experience. It is a double degree combining online and classroom classes in both programmes.
Learn more about ENAE 360 learning


  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of international trade.
  • Ability to analyse and study business opportunities in the market.
  • Application of marketing techniques. Openness and consolidation in international markets.
  • Management of strategic internationalization plans.
  • Study and development of foreign markets. Import and export operations. 



Acquires new techniques and concepts through the combination of theoretical, practical and didactic training applicable in real cases. You will learn the latest and most innovative techniques to put into practice with teamwork.

Business plan


In the End of Master Project you can rely on teachers and experts from different disciplines in the international field for advice and supervision of the final work.

ENAE Business School offers you new opportunities to put into practice your knowledge and new experiences during the development of the final project.

Internship programme


With our internship programme you will be able to complete your training in companies in the European Union. A decisive step to boost your career by putting you at the head of a job of optimum qualification acquired for the management of international trade of any organization.


  • Master in International Trade


    • Business Strategies
    • Economics in Global Environment
    • Internet and International Business I
    • Skills for International Business I
    • International Marketing
    • Logistics and International Transport
    • International Recruitment
    • Ethics and RSC
    • International Finance
    • Internet and International Business II
    • Doing Business in Specific Markets
    • Skills for International Business II
    • International Taxation


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