Exige Futuro, Exige ENAE

ENAE Internacional

At ENAE Business School, the Fundación Universidad Empresa’s business school, we have been training the current and future leaders of an increasingly complex business world in excellence and necessity for over 20 years.

That is why—aware of the importance of international mobility for a student’s professional development and career prospects—we have been teaching on-campus and blended-learning post-graduate programmes in English and Spanish, both in Spain and abroad, since 2004.

Today, seven years after starting that programme, more than 1500 international students have trusted us, have learnt in our classrooms and have received the innovative, practical and dynamic training they need from ENAE.

What’s more, because the business school belongs to the Fundación Universidad Empresa, we can also count on the support of Cartagena’s Polytechnic University and the University of Murcia, whose campus we share.