Olegario Llamazares García-Lomas

Bachelor Degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid. Degree in International Business from the University of Cambridge. (UK)

Director of Global Marketing Strategies, a company specializing in consulting, training and publication of foreign trade and international marketing.
He has 30 years of professional experience always in the field of international business, namely: market research and identification of business opportunities abroad, management and brokerage of foreign trade operations; methodologies for diagnosis of enterprises and internationalization plans , consulting on project evaluation and external risk policy, business information systems of countries and companies, training of management executives in the international area.
Professor in different schools like IE Business School, EOI and CECO. He is the author of numerous publications on foreign trade, among them are his books: "How to negotiate successfully in countries", "International Negotiation: strategies and cases" and "International Marketing"