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Medium and Long Term Instruments for Export Financing and Investments


Finanzas, Auditoría y Fiscalidad

Mode: Online
Edition: XXXIII
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Goals and Student Profile


After completing the course the participant will be able to:

  •  Identify the common elements of all loans to medium and long term
  • Understand well the different basic financing structures that apply to financing exports of capital goods and investments in industrial infrastructure projects.
  • Differentiate financing structures that are applied depending if the operation is carried out in an emerging or a develop economy.
  • Understand how the terms and conditions of trade affect the financing for medium and long terms.
  • Know how the exporter, contractor or investor should get that funding is truly a resource and it becomes an instrument that gives viability to commercial operations.

To do this,

  • We will analyze and identify the type of financing more viable according to the characteristic of the operation: type of buyer, seller, country and guarantees.
  • We will study the coverage of risk in the different phases of a project or contract.
  • We will analyze the various bilateral instruments to support exports and investments away from Spain
  • We will develop products and tools of the multilateral Banks and Development which may benefit Spanish companies.

At the end of the module we should be clear that the financing of operations and projects is not an isolated and tight element, but instead is linked to all aspects of a project (technical, logistical, commercial etc)… So the funding offered by the exporter or investor to his / her customer, becomes a differentiating element and often decisive for the signing and execution of a commercial contract.


Student Profile

ENAE Business School is very conscious of the fact that every teaching institution is built by all and must be very careful about participant selection right from the very start by analysing their CV, qualification certificates, admission exam and through a personal interview of the student by the program director. Depending on the program, ENAE Business School carries out tests to evaluate language competence.

Most of our students come from the business world about 80% of ENAE’s students are graduate professionals and executives who wish to update their knowledge and improve their skills. These students come from different academic backgrounds mostly engeneering, business, law, economics, communication and humanities.
We encourage young and talented graduates with entrepreneur spirit to be involved in our programs as a fast track to achieve their goals in the business World.



1.  Brief introduction to the OECD consensus

2.  Terms and conditions of FIEM

3.  Projects to be financed bt the FIEM

4.  Approval procedure

5.  Systems for the awarding of projects and controls by the administration

6.  Mixed credits

7.  Case: water sector projects in Honduras



1.  Main characteristics 

2.  Credit buyer

3.  CESCE coverage

4.  ICO participation through CARI

5.  Funding base and product flexibility

6.  Brazil CVRD case

7.  Approval procedure

8.  The supervisory body

9.  Accompanying commercial credits

10.  Case Electrical: electrical distribution projects in Romania

11.  Other applicable policies to these CESCE operations

12.  Multisource  credits

13.  Insurance works and work abroad

14.  Supplier credit

15.  Zafarana case: wind project in Egypt



1.  Basics of financing investments and Project Finance

2.  Products through ICO

   2.1  ICO internationalization

   2.2  PROINVEX Program

3.  Products through COFIDES

         3.1 FIEX

         3.2  FONDPYME

         3.3 European Financing Partners

4.  Products by ICEX and European institutions

         4.1 PAPI Program

         4.2 Prospinver Program

5.   Products through CESCE

         5.1 Investment Policy

         5.2 Project Finance Policy

6.   REMSA case



1.  Main Institutions

2.  Types of operations they support

3.  Public sector versus private sector

4.  The role of Spain and the opportunities that entities represent for Spanish companies.

5.  Consultancy funds

6.  Project cycle

7.  Development Capital funds and seed funds

8.  Hermosillo, Mexico case

9.  Rice husk plant in Thailand


Specified time period and Place

Specified time period:  This course has and extension of 20 contact ours at ENAE premises.

Timetable: This course is delivered on Friday from 16:30 h. to 21:30 h. and Saturday from 9:00 h. to 14:00 h.

Place and Address: Edif. ENAE. Campus Universitario de Espinardo 30100 Espinardo Murcia- Spain

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Terms of Payment and Scholarships

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Price: 390 €

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Admission Process

This program is part of a Master that has limited availability. Taking this course will provide you great oportunities for expanding your professional networks. Final admission decision is reserved to ENAE Business School on the basis of prerequisites established for the course, room availability and specific group profile required.

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