International Taxation

Introduction to international taxation.
Double taxation agreements and interaction with international businesses.
The importance of transfer pricing and new trends in international taxation.
Import/export basics when operating with Europe.

Finanzas, Auditoría y Fiscalidad

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In the development of the subject, the student becomes familiar with the main tax concepts to operate in the international environment and identify the main areas of risk and optimization, in addition to acquiring the specific knowledge and skills.

This course will allow the student to reflect on strategic and efficient decisions regarding the internationalization of businesses, from the perspective of international trade, which is fundamental to establish medium and long-term objectives for those businesses to guarantees competitiveness and sustainability over time. In a way, the main objective is that the student becomes able to anticipate changes in the tax environment and how these may affect the future of businesses.  


  • Know the main concepts related to the international tax environment, being able to identify and apply them to real business situations.

  • Be able to project the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired on the business organization.

  • Acquire basic knowledge about the international tax system and its application to businesses trading in the international market.

  • Understand the main pillars of the international legal system that affect business carrying out economic activities in the international arena.

  • Introduce international tax and tax planning and highlight its importance with respect to the expansion of businesses.

  • Point out and highlight the ways in which the internationalization of businesses may be shaped, based on taxation and tax incentives.

  • Influence business restructuring and other operations for tax planning.

  • Adjust their decision making to the changes and demands posed by new situations in the legal environment.

  • Carry out a complete strategic decision-making process, following the appropriate steps to be able to define a good business strategy that is fiscally optimal.

  • Understand, reason and synthesize content from the various areas that make up the legal environment.

  • Develop their own professional work in a globalized environment, taking into account the various legal environments 


Duration: The course lasts 30 teaching hours.

Course days: from May 123th until June 5th.

Modality: The course is taught 100% online, combining live classes, where you can interact with the teacher and your classmates, and videoconferences. You will also have the recordings at your disposal on CANVAS, our virtual campus.

Course subsidized by FUNDAE.

Headquarters: ENAE. University Campus of Espinardo 30100, Espinardo, Murcia. 



Introduction to international taxation.
Double taxation agreements and interaction with international businesses.
The importance of transfer pricing and new trends in international taxation.
Import/export basics when operating with Europe.
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