Webinar: Business Strategy. Foundations for Powerful Strategies

Webinar: Business Strategy. Foundations for Powerful Strategies

Date: 26th October 2020

Time: 5:00 PM (Spain) - 11:00 AM (Chicago)

Price: Free

Language: English

2020-10-26 17:00:00

Businesses craft strategy but the business environment determines the outcomes of strategies. Success in business is driven only partly by internally-driven strategy formulation and mostly by the contextual business environment. The external “circumstances” that monetize strategy are the keys that directly drive business success.

The Business Strategy module is designed to provide the participants with an aggressive competitive experience in business. Business Strategy is a mindset that is essentially wrapped around the fundamental goal of profiting through creating value in the marketplace. This requires a professional knowledge of market dynamics, competitors’ capabilities and customer-relationship-management.

A unique aspect of this seminar is that it seeks to recalibrate the notion of business from that of a simple value-providing entity to that of a strategic organization that leverage’s one’s competitive assets. Hands-on marketing projects and participation are all integral parts of this module.

This is a powerful webinar that helps participants better understand the strategic working of a business environment. The concept of Business Strategy is all about employing the appropriate strategy for a given competitive climate. Hence the very first step in implementing strategy is an instinctive understanding of the business environment..

In this webinar, we will talk about:

- Laws of the economic marketplace

- Pathways to Profit


Paul Prabhaker

Dr. Paul Prabhaker is Professor of Business Administration and Associate Vice-President Emeritus at Northern Illinois University. He is also Associate Dean at the College of Business, Northern Illinois University (NIU). His areas of expertise are in Business Strategy and Marketing.

Dr. Prabhaker is a Fulbright Specialist. He has served on United States government assignments to Macedonia, Kosovo and Egypt. His specialty is architecting higher education institutions such as universities and institutions for a specific national context.

Prof Prabhaker has been closely involved in numerous professional assignments for Motorola, Chase, McKinsey, ORACLE, State Street Bank and several smaller organizations. His professional corporate experiences have spanned three decades and he continues to serve on several advisory boards.